What can reflexology do for you?

Reflexology is a massage system targeting reflex points on the body—they’re usually located on the head, hands and feet that link every part of the body.

Our expert reflexologists can use reflexology to stimulate your body’s ability to build itself, as well as bringing out a peaceful and healthy state of mind.

Using specialized massage techniques, our reflexologists can detect imbalances that are affecting the body. By massaging these points, our practitioners can unclog the blockages so energy can flow throughout the body again. The release of qi eases tensions can drastically improve circulation.

Using a holistic approach, reflexologists complements traditional medicine to be an aspect of your healthcare routine.

Foot Reflexology

The first case of foot reflexology stems from the Chinese using it 5,000 years ago. Foot massages have transformed and changed with time, and foot reflexology has been known to relieve pain in the body, and even curing some diseases. This is due to the fact that foot massages can help restore the natural balance in your body.