Moxibustion is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, where dried mugwort—also known as moxa—is burned on top of particular pressure points of the skin. It’s been used for thousands of years, and helps stimulate the flow of qi, strengthen the blood and more.

How moxibustion works?

There are two types of moxibustion:

1.Direct moxibustion – a small amount of moxa is placed on top of a pressure point and burned. It splits into two types, scarring and non-scarring.

2.Indirect moxibustion –the end of a moxa stick is lit and help nearby pressure points until the area turns red. It’s more popular because there’s a lower risk of burning or pain.

Differences between the two types of direct moxibustion.

Scarring Moxibustion
When the moxa is ignited, it burns until it’s burned completely. It can cause blisters and even scarring.

Non-Scarring Moxibustion
When the moxa is ignited, it’s put out before it burns the skin. The patient should feel a deep, warm sensation without marks.

What moxibustion treats?
  • Treats people with cold or stagnant condition
  • Turns breech babies into a head-down position for an ideal birth
  • May reduce menstrual cramps when used with traditional acupuncture.
Who shouldn’t try moxibustion?

Since moxibustion normally treats those who are afflicted with cold or stagnant conditions, people with too much heat should not use it. Also, due to the smoke produced from burning moxa, patients with lung problems should be advised by the practitioner. If possible, ask if using smokeless moxa sticks is an option.