Mr. Roselyn

“In November 1998 I developed an eye problem, the symptoms being frequent blinking due to irritation within the eye. This created a very difficult situation both at work and socially.

During the course of the next eight months I was subject to a variety of treatments including conventional medicines, herbal treatments and hypnotism. In June 1999, I contacted Patrick Guo of Christchurch Acupuncture Centre. Mr Guo has, over three weeks, administered both acupressure and reflexology. My eye condition started to respond favourably after only four treatments, following months of discomfort and anxiety. The condition has now completely abated and, in addition, my general well being has improved markedly.

As a result of my experience of Mr Guo’s care I would recommend him unreservedly.”

Mr. Lawrey

“I have suffered from lower back pain for some 20 years largely as a consequence of a congenital deformity of the 4th lumbar vertebrae which appears to predispose back strains. Over the years I have utilised physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and applied kinesiology to seek relief. Non manipulative forms of osteopathy, together with applied kinesiology were the most successful, but did not remove “morning pain” or restore movement flexibility.

Acupuncture, together with the deep massage techniques practised by Patrick Guo appear to have stabilised my condition, removed 90% of the pain, and restored movement flexibility. Acupuncture as utilised by Patrick is largely painless and is used to assist the body’s natural healing processes. Coupled with deep massage which aims to replace painful muscle scar tissue, this treatment has been most successful in my case.

Patrick also practices reflexology, an intensive foot massage claimed to promote general health, resistance to colds etc. Although I have only anecdotal evidence, reflexology appears to have reduced my tendency to “cold feet and hands” in our Christchurch winter, and at this point, I have also avoided two winter colds which affected my other family members. Maybe coincidence, but I normally go down with the family cold!

Either way, I am sufficiently convinced to undergo an occasional maintenance program with Patrick Guo, to manage my lower back condition, which I am now reinforcing with swimming exercise.”


“I was referred to Patrick Guo by a friend as I was suffering a “frozen shoulder” after having surgery for a disc replacement in my neck. After just 4 sessions I was pain free. Since then I attend his clinic to receive massage and acupuncture to keep my mobility free in the neck & shoulder area.

Thank you Patrick for a job well done.


J Moore

“I have had back problems for many years and seeked help from many specialists with only limited improvement not lasting very long & only recently return to Patrick. He looked up my records and I hadn’t been back for 10 years. After some sessions of acupuncture & acupressure, my back is good so thanks Patrick for your help.”

T O’Leary

“In the past few years I have used Patrick Guo’s services on an occasional basis. He has always produced fantastic results particularly with regard to muscular injury. He has a calm and very patient manner. I always recommend Patrick Guo to anyone I meet who is suffering from back, knee or joint pain.

Thanks Patrick”

F Fandian

“Patrick has treated my back and neck problems on a few different occasions over the past few years and I have always been impressed with the results. He is able to make an accurate assessment and treat the problem very effectively.”

M Attia

“For more than five years, I have been treated by Patrick from different injuries in different parts of my body. In all cases, I found Patrick’s way of treatment is the most efficient and effective way to fix any injury conditions. Patrick is passionate and caring treatment provider.

In my own view I would say:


Patrick=The best Acupuncturist in Christchurch

Well done Patrick”

Y Brooks

“Patrick was recommended to me by my daughter who has had major surgery on her back. It was after treatment from Patrick that she has been free of pain. I have found Patrick to be very professional and highly skilled in the range of treatments he offers. I am really on the road to recovery now after injuring my back at work. Medication did not help i.e anti inflammatory and pain killers which upset my stomach.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Patrick to anyone who has a health problem.”


I was recommended acupuncture by a friend who had had a similar problem to me (dislocated shoulder). I had been visiting a physiotherapist for 5 months with minimal improvement & thought I would give acupuncture a try from my friends recommendation. After the first session, the pain I had had for over 2 weeks disappeared. Throughout the treatments I have received my movement & range has greatly improved & the pain has greatly diminished. I am extremely thankful for the chance to have acupuncture & Patrick has been extremely helpful. Thank you so much for doing what nothing else seemed able to.

G Henderson

This is the second time Patrick has treated me for a strained muscle and sciatica. The first time was 10 years ago when he was able to diagnose the particular muscle after my GP and a physiotherapist had not been able to. Patrick told me it would take 10 sessions to fix it, and sure enough, after 10 sessions of massage, acupressure and acupuncture, he fixed it. When I recently had a back problem, I came back and again he has managed to sort the problem out. I can touch my toes again, and am back to 100%.

Monday – Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm